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July 15, 2005 by 24failures24tries
Well, Im sitting here getting ready for work while wishing that I didn't have to go to work and could just hop on over to my Cory's house. But he's not there anyways. I dont really want to go to work today. Normally I dont mind, but today I'm just so... blah. I don't know how to explain it anymore. I fell asleep with Cory at his apartment last night and didn't wake up until 3 a.m. when my best friend Josh called my cell. Then I realized that Cory hadn't left for his weekend thing and I in fact,...
July 13, 2005 by 24failures24tries
Life has never seemed so confusing as it does today. Ive been dating this great guy. I figured he'd walk out as soon as he realized what I had done. He hasn't though. He's come closer. He asked me today if Id marry him. He loves me. In the midst of all this confusion, he loves ME. He hasn't pushed me away, he hasn't asked me to change... He's holding my hand. *smiles* He loves me.

I started out this day in tears. I've hated myself so much the past few days... now I feel like because he loves...
July 13, 2005 by 24failures24tries
"Twenty four oceans
Twenty four skies
Twenty four failures
Twenty four tries
Twenty four finds me
In twenty-fourth place
Twenty four drop outs
At the end of the day
Life is not what I thought it was
Twenty four hours ago

Still I'm singing Spirit take me up in arms with You
And I'm not who I thought I was twenty four hours ago
Still I'm singing Spirit take me up in arms with You

Twenty four reasons to admit that I'm wrong
With all my excuses still twenty four strong
And You're ...
July 13, 2005 by 24failures24tries
Im really confused these days. Ive lost all that Ive loved and now I have to start over. That's where I am right now. Starting over. Looking back and correcting all my mistakes.